why organic cotton is the best choice

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Top 4 Benefits of Choosing Organic Cotton Sleepwear

All Aneta Kidz products are made 100% from GOTS-Certified organic cotton.  Here are some of the reasons why organic cotton sleepwear is one of the best choices you can make for your kids. 

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What Is Organic Clothing?

Learn more about the features of organic cotton that makes it a  healthier alternative to non-organic fabrics .

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5 Tips on Washing Organic Cotton Sleepwear

 Organic cotton sleepwear joins the ranks of small parental triumphs like healthy snacks and educational games by minimizing your little one’s exposure to toxins.  Aneta Kidz offers five easy tips on how to wash your child's new bedtime apparel.

From certified organic cotton farms in the south of India, through the various supply chains as it is made into thread, until it reaches our artisan studios in the mid-north of India, follow the journey of the humble cotton boll that makes up the GOTS-Certified cotton in your child's Aneta Kidz pajama.